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Hey y’all!

This is Hugh Hollowell, your sleep-deprived host, and this is another issue of Life Is So Beautiful.

Today will be short: I haven’t slept well the last few nights – I’m unsure why, but here we are anyway. So I find myself up and wide awake at 4 AM, and then exhausted by 10 AM. And so it goes. But sleep deprivation aside, I have been having a great week as I begin to explore the new bird project I’m working on.

The short version is, inspired by the work of people like Ostdrossel (from last week’s issue) and others, I’m setting up cameras at my bird feeding stations. They’ve only been up a few days, but even so, I’m seeing lots of cardinals and a squirrel and a lizard that I’m pretty sure works for Geico. I’m unsure where this is going, but right now I’m going to be posting them on Instagram if you follow me over there.

Things I thought were beautiful

A friend shared this picture of a cat that looks like he’s passed out from being drunk, which led to my finding this Twitter account full of wholesome cat pictures.

AND THEN that led to these rabbits who appear to be kung-fu fighting (apparently, everyone really is…) taken by people who are professional rabbit photographers, and whose Twitter feed is basically just rabbit photographs. I didn’t even know that professional rabbit photography was a thing.

After last week’s link to abandoned churches, a reader sent me a link to the Instagram account of the photographer Jonk, who takes photos of abandoned places after nature begins to take them back. (His website has many more photos on it, but was down when I went to link to it this morning. Try for yourself – it’s in his Instagram profile).

Zoe Keller is an artist who specializes in biological and biodiverse art, which sounds much more boring than it is because it’s pretty fricking amazing.

And for something other-worldly (sorry, I couldn’t resist), some hi-rez images of Mars, stitched together as if from a drone, showing incredibly detailed pictures of a massive crater.

Thank You!

I’m super grateful for y’all and hope to be back in a well-rested condition soon. I hope your week is wonderful, and if you have links you want me to see, please send them my way!

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