#48 | The video heavy edition

“What day is this, anyway?” – Me

The 24th of each month is PDay in our house, where we celebrate the arrival of our foster son. There is always cake and all the accouterments.

Hi, y’all.

This is Hugh Hollowell, with another edition of Life is So Beautiful, a weekly reminder that the world is, despite what you have been told, filled to overflowing with beauty.

It’s been two weeks today since we got serious in our house about being in lockdown, and the week before that was spring break and we were getting cautious, but it feels like forever since I sat in a restaurant with my wife and kid, or sat on the shady bench and watched him play on the playground with other kids, or nibbled on samples in the grocery store while I leisurely shopped. I miss driving him to school.

Part of me wonders if those things will ever happen again. If they announced tomorrow that we could all go back to normal, would you feel safe being in a packed restaurant again? It will be a long time before I don’t automatically bob and weave when someone gets within 6 feet of me.

One positive effect of publishing a weekly newsletter about finding beauty for 5 years is you look for beautiful things everywhere, and like most things, you find what you are looking for. I love the increased number of people walking and gardening in my neighborhood. I love all the flowers – it seems like spring is springier this year, or maybe it is just that we are all outside more, to enjoy it. I love the many ways we are all collaborating and sharing and bringing our gifts – from the artists and writers reading their stories online to the local baker who is, through video, walking people through the process day by day of how to make sourdough from scratch.

It’s all so very beautiful.

Five Beautiful Things

Note: Normally, I try to deliver a variety of posts, but I figured with a lot of us having more flexible schedules, I could be forgiven a week heavy on videos. Enjoy! – HH

  • Actress Tilda Swinton’s Springer Spaniels, cavorting in Scotland, while accompanied to a Handel aria? OK, yes please!
  • Since the 1980’s, this Japanese man has drawn colorful pictures of every meal he has eaten. I feel like such an underachiever. I haven’t even eaten every meal I have cooked!
  • Yesterday, because of a serious dose of cabin fever, our family went “motoring”, where we just drove 50 miles or so on the Natchez Trace to see the wildflowers and get out of the house. But these videos (here and here) are video of mid-century Los Angeles, as taken from a car while it’s driving around. In short, motoring in the past! Without leaving the house!
  • A hummingbird frenzy! (For best viewing experience, turn up your volume)

This… defies explanation. A Rube Goldberg contraption of dominos falling, as assisted by cats… just watch the damn thing already!

About that big announcement I promised…

I told the Patrons about it this weekend, and now I’m telling you – over this time of quasi-confinement, I have been teaching myself how to edit audio because I have pulled the trigger and am launching a podcast!

It is the audio companion to my Hopeful Resistance newsletter, for those who prefer to listen rather than read. The back issues are being uploaded to the internet over the next few days, and after that, every Friday. Check here to see if they have been uploaded when you read this, and then they should be available at iTunes and other places shortly after that.  They should be at that link in the next 48 hours if they are not when you read this.

Think of this as the soft opening, or rather, the private invite to the soft opening. Starting Friday, I will be promoting the heck out of this, but I wanted to let y’all know first, so you can be watching for it.