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Because the world is beautiful, but sometimes it’s hard to notice it.

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    What other folks say:

    In a world that’s all-too-often fascinated by the ugly and the painful, Hugh Hollowell offers a weekly dose of beauty. His newsletter is a balm to my soul each and every week.  – Angela Denker, author of Red State Christians and blogger at A Good Christian Woman … Not that One

    A calming break from the noise and chaos–a time to appreciate creation, all forms of it. It doesn’t get any better than that. There is hope in my inbox every Monday morning. Thanks, Hugh. – Tara Joyner Hausler

    “Keeping up with email is the bain of my existence. It tethers me to bills that need paying, appointments that need scheduling, and work that needs doing. But when Hugh’s newsletter arrives in my inbox, it reminds me to take a breath and slow down that frenetic pace our culture so often seems to demand we keep. It reminds me I’m connected to much more than an endless to-do list. It asks me to consider all the places I might find beauty, including in the most surprising of places–myself. And I think this is a seed, this is the way we begin to sprout change in the world.”  – Jasmin Morrell