Treetop drinking

In 1848, inspired by the treehouse described in The Swiss Family Robinson, a French restauranteur named Joseph Gueusquin opened a bar in the treetops. He spawned imitators.

Over the next few decades copycat restaurants began popping up in trees across town, hosting donkey races and building tall tree swings to persuade diners away from their numerous competitors. This crop of new treetop guinguettes forced Gueusquin to rename his lounge “Le Vrai de Arbre Robinson” (The Real Robinson Tree) in 1888, which ensured customers knew they were dining at the original treehouse of Le Plessis-Piquet.

It became a “thing”, to go drinking in the treetops, apparently. (Does this mixture of heights and alcohol seem like a bad idea to any other than just me?)

Via Colossal

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